Our story

Up until now automating legal documents was expensive and time consuming. This meant that only the big law firms that had money and resources could invest in automation. 

So in 2008 we started with a simple mission, to create a platform that could be used by anyone to build and publish sophisticated forms and documents online. 

Fast forward to present day and we’ve developed a sophisticated but simple to use self-service platform, where lawyers have automated their expert decision making by developing smart apps to collect client data and automate the repetitive process of contract drafting. 

SYNTAQ has helped law firms in Australia, New Zealand and America, by empowering their lawyers to think differently about how they provide legal services.  These are the law firms that are re-inventing themselves, changing the way law is accessed and delivered, blending modern technology with traditional business services. 

Why not join us and the rest of the law firms using automation to improve their firms?

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