Just some of the key features that make syntaq so incredible

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop fields to build your unique online app in just a few minutes.

IMPORT and Export

Import and export your apps  to quickly build new apps.

Standard, Advanced and Layout Fields

We provide you with all the fields you need to collect client data.

Share APPS

Share your apps with any other SYNTAQ users.

Collect payments

Collect credit card payments from your app users for your documents.


Set your app up to send you customised emails on submission or when a document has been created or simply redirect them to a new page.

Styling and css

Set your own fonts, colours, sizes and styles using field properties or in CSS.

Automatic summary

When building your apps you can decide which sections and fields will be collated into an automatic summary table.


Run reports on user activity, including statistics on app submissions, documents created and fees collected.

Multi-Tenant Management

Create an organisation, invite users and set permissions. Share forms, templates and records.

Modern API

Integrate our platform with your current systems. No longer do you have to store and manage data on multiple SaaS platforms.

Multi-Page forms

Easily combine single apps into a fully integrated multi-page form. Drag and drop to reorder your pages.

Autosave data

With SYNTAQ all the data a user enters in your app is automatically saved each time they move between pages.

Sections and repeats

Drag and drop a section onto your app builder to group fields. Easily reorder sections, and perform actions on the sections like disabling and hiding.

Rules Builder

Create rules to show and hide fields, set  field values based on other fields, enable or disable fields, show messages or show and hide whole forms in a multi page.

Embedded forms

Embed your apps into your website, blog, email or newsletter with ‘code snippets’ you simply copy and paste.

mobile ready

Our apps are fully responsive and will look great on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Embedded data references

Personalise your apps and questions by using data collected from your app user with simple field references.

Javascript and Jquery

Take full control of the app with the built in script editor.

Embedded users

Users can sign-up, logon, save and re-use their data to to make a suite of documents. No need to separately manage users, accounts and authentication.


Already have a client login? Then use our Single Sign On integration to log your users into a SYNTAQ account.

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