We bring automation and insights to sophisticated documents.

Our document automation platform seamlessly connects and collects organisation data to automate the assembly of sophisticated documents, so you don't have to!


About Us

Building custom software solutions can be difficult. Although business areas across an enterprise have a general idea of what they want, they often lack the necessary technical skills to architect and deliver a solution. Enterprises that have managed to implement new solutions have inevitably resorted to building bespoke proprietary systems, over many years, and at a high upfront and ongoing cost.

In 2017 we started with a simple mission: To create a no-code open-api platform for sophisticated documents.

Over time, our expertise in custom software development, architecture, and infrastructure design has complemented our mission and our clients know they can trust our advice and product developments.

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Form based Applications

Document Workflows Processed



Our Falcon Platform

SYNTAQ Falcon fills the gap between 'no-code' applications, and sophisticated in-house bespoke solutions.

Form Automation

Use our flexible Form Engine to build, collect and integrate data.


Document Automation

Automate the most complex documents and 'document sets'.


Workflow Automation

Automate your workflows, including process steps and data capture from diverse stakeholders.


Data and Storage Management

Store your data in the cloud or on a separate database instance for audit and reuse.

    • Embedded data references.
    • Custom user, tenant and resource data.
    • Data Management policies to archive, soft delete and hard delete data.

Dashboard and Analytics

Report on all your account and sub-account activity, including form submissions and document assemblies.

    • Export data in various formats, including CSV and MS Excel.
    • Create dashboard widgets highlighting critical data.
    • Integrate with 3rd party services like metabase and PowerBi to create custom reports.

User Management

Enterprise-grade user, role and permission management.

    • Sophisticated multi-tenanted users, roles, and permissions management model.
    • MFA and password management.
    • Integrate with 3rd party services like metabase and PowerBi to create custom reports.
    • Single sign-on (SSO).
    • 3rd party login services like Azure AD, Google and Facebook.

Open API

Integrate SYNTAQ Falcon with your current systems and data.

    • Fully documnented API in Swagger.
    • Integrated payment processing through Stripe and St. Georges.

Flexible Deployment Model

We support a variety of deployment models in the cloud.

    • SaaS or PaaS.
    • Public or Private Cloud instances.
    • Full CI/CD updates and customisation models.
    • Managed infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform.

Template Development and Maintenance

Centralise your document templates and allow distributed access.

    • Update document templates centrally for use by distributed users.
    • Full version history of template changes.
    • Managed Versions with stage/environment deployments.


Find out what you can do with the Falcon Platform

Almost all valuable processes involve some level of documentation. To prepare this documentation, the responsible organisation needs to gather data from diverse sources, and then combine the data with 'business rules', to produce an end-product that people can then rely on.

Most valuable document processes involve multiple documents, multiple and diverse data sources, and sophisticated conditional business rules. After the creation of the documents, comes the implementation of the contemplated transactions, and audit of ongoing compliance. SYNTAQ Falcon can assist with each step.

Peter Campbell

Client Services Director - Hall and Wilcox

In this rapidly changing industry we need to be agile and combine multiple components to build a terrific solution. We got a geat solution out quickly that delighted the clients. #modernservicefocusedvendorsareblowingthebigguysoutofthewater

Andrew Andreyev

Principal - Andreyev Lawyers

SYNTAQ have helped streamline and simplify the tasks of collecting data and preparing legal documents. With SYNTAQ I simply get more done!


Our Projects

View a list of the projects we have worked on.

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  • Government
  • Legal
  • Procurement

Ministry Of Business, Innovation and Employment

Falcon Platform solution automating complex government documents and their associated workflows.

Law Society of South Australia

Falcon Platform solution to streamline workflows and integrate with existing CRM system.

Woollahra Municipal Council

Created custom council forms to integrate with third party payment services.

ANZ Private Wealth

Falcon Platform solution to automate the estate planning process.

Legalresearch.com & DivorceNM

Development of a self-service divorce App.

Graham Wealth

Falcon Platform solution to automate the estate planning process.


Falcon Platform solution to automate tax forms and associated workflows.

Minter Ellison

Falcon Platform solution to automate a suite of franchise documents.

Pegasus Legal

Falcon Platform solution to automate complex documents and their associated workflows.

The difference

What makes us Different?

No/Low code platform for the assembly of complex documents

Our enterprise-ready platform can automate even the most sophisticated document processes, within large and diverse organisations.

Value-for-money licencing

Our licensing model is based on the value we deliver to you, not the value you release from using our tools.

Open API

User friendly open-API gives you everything you need to solve complex document automation problems.


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