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You cannot implement real innovation in a business when the system on which the business operates is designed around a 'legacy' business model. Portal was developed to accommodate true 'business model innovation'.


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SYNTAQ are not your typical vendor. We only work with clients that share our values and understand the business model innovations we are pursuing through our applications. This enables us to stick closely to our Roadmap, maintain a modest expense load, and avoid 'feature bloat'.

We want to be part of your team over the long term. We will achieve this by sticking closely to the following core principles:.

Take the time - We'll listen carefully to understand what you want to achieve. Then we'll thoroughly explain our advice and step you through each phase of the process.

Work as a team - Someone will always be available to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. You will also benefit from a range of perspectives and experience.

Share knowledge - One of our key goals is to pass on as much knowledge as we can, so you can make your own informed decisions. We want to make you truly independent.

Stick to our knitting - We only do what we're good at.

Transparent pricing - For any integration or custom feature developments we provide a SoW with a fixed or capped quote, so you don't take price risk. The SoW will set out exactly what to expect.

It's your show! - We're not in this game for our egos. We're in it for a front row seat to witness your success.


Our Portal Platform

The Portal currently supports the following capabilities and functionality:


Manage your Contacts, Organisations and Clients.

The CRM functionality has been extended to track and report against Referrers and other key 'Relationships' (such as family).

Organisations can be linked into 'Groups', and Contacts and Organisations can be associated in many-to-many relationships.

Matter Management

Portal provides comprehensive end-to-end Matter Management.

Matters are associated with a 'Client' and an 'Offering'. In turn, Offerings are associated with Outcomes, Components and Resources.

This provides all the tools and resources (including training) required by a lawyer at the 'Point-of-Need' - i.e. when solving a client's problem.


Run conflict checks for Matters and store VOI documents against your Contacts and Organisations.

An audit log is maintained of all transactions through Portal.

Time Recording

Whether billing on a time-basis, fixed-fee or retainer, all activities by a lawyer are recorded against either a Lead, Matter or Project.

Individual time entries are allocated on an activity basis against either a 'Component' or a 'Task'. Components and Tasks can then be linked to metadata, such as a Law Area to track Team Experience.

Run reports to show investment, efficiency, and effective-rate.


View firm-wide correspondence at the Point-of-Need. See all correspondence to and from an Organisation (based on domain), a Contact (based on email) or a Matter/Project (based on ID).

Full integration with Microsoft O365.


Integrate your individual or firm-wide calendars into your Portal workflows.

Create custom calendars based on Matter and Project activities.

Full integration with Microsoft O365.


Seamlessly track standard or ad hoc disbursements against Matters, and ensure these expenses get recouped at point of billing.

Time Sheets

View a full record of all your time entries for a day, week, month, or year.

View timesheet data from any perspective through our custom reporting and analytics. View by lawyer, team, Matter, Offering, Project, Law Area, Referrer, Group.

View time collaboration analytics between team members. View time exposure analytics between lawyers and Clients and Referrers.

Safe Storage

Record detailed information about your clients' documents and the location that they are stored.

Track document status and receipt/access/release.

Document Management

Manage all your client documents in the Portal or use the SharePoint integration to create and manage your client files from an established client folder.

Establish standard folder structures and auto-provision SharePoint folders on Matter/Project creation.

Maintain complete autonomy over your client documents. Maintain conventional file naming for direct search and access.

Document Automation

Use the SYNTAQ Falcon integration to automate ANY document generating process.

Access CRM, Matter, Project and Offering data and metadata to pre-populate forms and generate documents.

Trust Accounts

Manage funds in trust with our comprehensive Trust Account features.

View ledger status and instigate trust transactions at a Matter level.

Maintain multiple trust accounts in different jurisdictions and for different legal entities.

Invoicing and Payments

Create, review, and approve time-based and fixed-price invoices.

Create multiple billing entities - from distinct top-level legal entities (e.g. multiple offices), through to individual Principals.

Auto-populate accounting entries in Xero and manage statements, follow-ups, and collection processes in Portal.

Dashboards and Analytics

You have complete data autonomy and can create reports against any transaction or entity within Portal.

Access over 100 reports of accurate, up-to date practice management information to help you manage and drive your business forward.

Utilise our integration with Metabase for free, open-source and enterprise-grade analytics, including embedded analytics.


Integrate with the world's best providers including Microsoft, Xero, Metabase, Active Campaign, and SYNTAQ Falcon.


Track where your work is coming from by associating a Referrer to each Contact. Run Referrer reports at different 'referrer-levels', i.e. 1st generation, 2nd generation, etc.

Create 'Campaigns' associated with Offerings and then see how this impacts new Leads and Matters for that Offering.

Run team analytics to track the level of engagement between team members and Referrers, Contacts, and Organisations.


Create and manage incoming and outgoing mail.

Track against Contacts, Organisations, Matters, and Projects.


Store Resources within Portal or create links to external Resources. Create Resource types, including Templates, Checklists, Training Materials, Videos, etc.

Associate Resources with Offerings to deliver Point-of-Need access to relevant Resources for associated Matters and Projects.

Track and manage all the Resources required to deliver an Offering to your client, or an internal Project within the firm.

Project Management

Use our fully-featured Projects framework to run all your Business Operations

Create Template Projects that can be scheduled or used on an ad hoc basis.

Associate Resources with Projects for Point-of-Need access and training. Create checklists. View Project and Task status in a list of Kanban view.

Record time against Projects and run status, efficiency, and training analytics.

Reminders and Notifications

Create reminders or get notified when something changes within Portal.

User Management

Create new users and roles, giving your teams only the permissions they need to perform their role.

Create a firm-wide Baseball-Card Directory with key team details.


Keep a full record of your entire teams' remuneration (over time) to track performance, efficiency, KPI's and development over time.

Report and analyse actual cost of Matter and Project completion.

PQE Tracker

Record and track your teams legal experience (PQE). Also track each team members actual experience against Offerings and Law Areas.

Create 'balanced teams' to undertake Matters, i.e. appropriate mix of experience.

Report on team depth, team collaboration, and actual experience.

Bugs and Enhancements

Record bugs or ideas for new enhancements to a central table so your whole team can see where others are experiencing issues or looking for enhancements.

Data Security

Secure hosting in Azure with automated point-in-time back-up.

Stand-alone application and database instances - avoiding possible data corruption and multi-tenant cross-attacks.

Fully-integrated, end-to-end encryption and data-masking at rest.

Web Forms and Workflow

Populate public facing webpages with Portal data, e.g., Offering outlines, etc, to fully-integrate Offering-specific marketing.

Build custom forms for your website to collect data that is integrated with Portal entities.


Create standardised 'Offerings' to help your team deliver high-quality Outcomes to your Clients, again and again.

Associate 'Outcomes' with each Offering and specify the 'Components' required to deliver the Outcomes. Associate 'Resources' with each Component for Point-of-Need access to the things needed to deliver the Offering. No more stand-alone and cumbersome 'Knowledge Base'

Team Wiki

Use our integrated fully-featured Portal Wiki to capture and organise firm knowledge.

Create firm-wide documentation, policies, procedures, and resources.

Open API

Fully documented API in Swagger. Allows us to easily integrate or for 3rd parties to integrate into our Portal.

Flexible Deployment Models

Host Portal in your cloud environment using our experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) or use our managed environment.

The difference

What makes Portal Different?

Business Model Innovation

While everyone is talking about business model innovation, the traditional law firm structure and the practice management systems that drive these businesses prevent true innovation.

We have built a platform that allows a firm to take advantage of the market need to consistently deliver high-quality legal services through tailored client Offerings.

There are three aspects to this approach:

  1. Clearly identify the client's problem and the outcomes necessary to solve that problem,
  2. Create a targeted Offering to deliver the Outcome, and locate the necessary Resources at the point-of-need, and
  3. Use training, experience and data to build Great Lawyers to consistently deliver those Outcomes.

By adopting this approach along with the reduced need for Support and Admins, Andreyev Lawyers' has achieved sustained professional leverage of an unparalleled magnitude (18 employed solicitors to 1 principal), and industry-leading revenue per FTE staff member (all >$210,000 pa, lawyers >$340,000 pa), while at the same time achieving a NPS score of between +60-73, and consistent 5-star Google reviews (over 110).

Data Autonomy

Current software business models aim to tie you to their application by data obfuscation. They also keep hosting costs down by making you one of many tenants on a shared database - which makes it extremely difficult to provide you with unrestricted access to usable data on which to build your custom analytics. We provide you with your own industry-standard PostgreSQL database and complete access to your well-constructed and documented data. You can do what you want with it!

You can also be sure that your data will not be analysed and aggregated with other tenant data to provide your software vendor with the ability to ultimately Uberise your business.

Analytics and Reporting

As the saying goes: you can't manage what you can't measure. Portal provides deep insights into how your law firm is being managed and run. The data structure matches the business model elements within Portal, giving you data points on every aspect of your client service delivery and back-of-house functions.

While the traditional reports like WIP, aged receivables, fee allocations and client profitability are valuable, they are not enough to drive real business insights and true business model innovation. With full access to your own database and integration with Metabase, you can construct reports and Dashboards on anything.

Furthermore, the real limit on data analytics and reporting is not a function of the 'analytics platform'. It is fundamentally constrained by the breadth and structure of the data being queried. This once again comes down to the 'business model' around which the practice management system has been designed. Most traditional PMSs track standard CRM fields, 'matters' and 'time'. Portal is designed around three core functions, Value Delivery, Business Operations and Talent Management. Each time a team member interacts with the Portal they are creating fundamental business data that is critical to understanding all your core business drivers - not just capturing time to bill.

You can also use our growing suite of over 100 reports and Dashboards. Some of which won't be available from any of our competitors.


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